About us

Alex Cristin

In harmony with nature.

The best drinking water gushing from our mountain springs, herbs and plants blowing in crystal clear air, we bathe in the cleanest lakes in this earth. Our nature offers us all what we really need - and we live in this very rich nature. From this, we draw strength and inspiration. With Alex Cristin we have found a way to gently capture and pass on these emotions and joy.

" that time"

It was a process for years, a development that has brought us to this path of natural cosmetics. We came to a goal that we did not even know in advance via various routes. These paths led from the cosmetics, on medicinal massage and Anatomy of the human body about herbs courses and even the gourmet kitchen...! AlexCristin wasn´t planned - it has just emerged. And we want our enjoyment of our products like parts with you.